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Boat Repair Fiberglass Boat Stringer Repair and Replacement

Fiberglass Boat Stringer Repair and Replacement

Boat Stringer Repair and ReplacementBefore the Captain gets into how to repair fiberglass boat stringers the Captain will try to explain what fiberglass boat stringers are and there purpose. Also how to detect a weak or broke fiberglass boat stringer.

Fiberglass boat stringer's are longitude structural members that add strength to the fiberglass boat hull and boat transom. They run down the bottom of the boat hull from the boat transom to the forward bulkhead. On a inboard powered fiberglass boat they often support the main engines. Lower boat deck or cockpit sole are generally supported by the boat stringers. Fiberglass boat stringer are made of various coring materials wood ,high density foam such as Tuff-stuff marine board made of rigid structural polyurethane fiberglass materials and supplies catalog #TS48. Another popular choice by ARJAY PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS ARJAY 6011 Fiberglass materials and supplies catalog #ARJ-PT.And a few use solid reinforced fiberglass very prices.

Okay, hope you got that now how can you tell if a fiberglass boat stringer is broke or weak? Well your going to have to get under the fiberglass boat hull and look around a bit and bang around on the hull bottom! Yes the Captain gets under the fiberglass boat Hull with a rubber mallet and beats hell out of her! When you bang around on the Hull bottom you will detect different sounds when you find the boat stringer it well be a more solid thump. Now start at the boat transom and work forward to the boat bow. While listing to the thump look for deflection and stress cracks in the fiberglass boat hull.If the Fiberglass boat hull is tight as a drum and no serious deflection going on and no stress cracks in the gel-coat the fiberglass boat hull is sound get it! The boat stringer is not showing and sign of failure. Were you can inspect the fiberglass boat stringer fro the inside of the fiberglass boat hull tap around with the handle of a screwdriver again listen for change in sound hallow sound means repair. Captain levi's will be restoring a 1978 233 Formula Thunderbird and will spend more time on Fiberglass Boat Repair/Replacement.

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