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Boat Repair Fiberglass Boat Transom repair and replacement

Fiberglass Boat Transom Repair and Replacement

Boat Transom Repair and ReplacementTo the right the crew is hard at work removing the old rotten fiberglass boat transom on this 33' Formula.

Sometimes this goes well and sometimes not so well. Captain estimated eight to twelve man hours to remove the old transom and it took 12 man hours to get it done. The factory boat transom was two 3/4 marine plywood laminated together. The owner's choice of new coring was are Michigan Composites 3/4" density 24# are Fiberglass Materials Catalog #TS48750-24 known as Tuff-stuff. Michigan Composites Tuff-stuff Marine Board is made of rigid,structural polyurethane and is available in selected densities to replace wood in boats. Tuff-Stuff Marine Board possesses qualities superior to many competitive products available to the boat building industry to day. But it comes with a price tag $231 for a 4'x8' sheet x 2 =$462.The owner on a tight budget said build the new transom of Marine Plywood.Labor runs close on either material so marine plywood it is!

Above Jerry are grinder is cleaning up the inter side of the outer fiberglass boat transom skin removing the old plywood transom completely. This is a very important part of the boat transom repair job! Insuring a good bond for ARJAY CORE BOND 4001 Fiberglass Materials Catalog #ARJ-CB and the new boat transom board to the fiberglass boat hull.

Above Now the fiberglass boat hull transom surface is ready for the Arjay Core Bond 4001 putty to be applied. ARJAY formulates its Core Bonding Compound with premium polyester resins resulting in high tensile and flexural strength. Its high bonding strength provides an excellent bond between the core and laminate. It is suitable for all coring applications and is compatible with all popular core materials including balsa and PVC foam. This material provides high strength bond between the boat transom board and the boat transom hull and will make a sound fiberglass boat transom repair.

Above the Captain is applying the Arjay Core Bond 4001 putty The Captain uses red tinted MEK to catalyze the ARJAY 4001  to insure good mixing of the MEK (Hardner).

Above Talk about Mobile fiberglass Boat Repair this picture say's it all! Back yard fiberglass boat repair at it's best. Mark is resin treating the new boat transom board with General Purpose Polyester Resin while Christine is cutting fiberglass Fabric in the background to laminate the new boat transom board. Note how the boat transom board has that glazed look now it's ready to be laminated together.

Above the captain and Mark are sandwiching the two boat transom boards together with and 1 1/2 ounce fiberglass mat between the two boat transom boards. The captain and Mark are running 3/4" drywall steel fasteners in to marry the two boat transom boards together before the polyester resin kicks. After the polyester resin cures they well remove the fasteners and fill the fastener holes with polyester resin this will great a true liquid screw. The boat transom is now fabricated ready to be installed.

Above we now have the new boat transom replacement board in place. The blocks of wood have 3/8 all-thread and washers and nuts to draw the new board in tight till the ARJAY 4001 Bonding putty cures. Then they will be removed. The edges of the boat transom where it meets the boat hull get a 3" radius made with the ARJAY 4001 Bonding Putty and then the Fiberglass Fabric tabing can be done. Then the transom board inner skin can be laminated with 1.5oz fiberglass mat fabric and 1708 fiberglass biaxial fabric using General Purpose Polyester Resin and sealed and finished with Polyester Gel Coat.